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4.5 (65 reviews)

Experienced in tarot, love tarot, angel cards, clairvoyant, astrology, medium, healer spiritual coach. The ability to be to use these gifts to help others is what brings me the greatest satisfaction.


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PIN 4619
4.7 (77 reviews)

A magician with the mystical skill that can perceive the hidden of nature which control the ebb and flow of life. Skilled in astrology, tarot, spiritual coaching and kabalah.

PIN 4673
4.6 (122 reviews)

I originally come from Ireland and I have inherited my gift of Tarot from my great-grand mother.

PIN 1937
4.5 (357 reviews)

I am a tarot reader and have experience of reading the cards since the mid 80's. I will give you a honest reading.

PIN 7275
4.5 (37 reviews)

Hi. My name is Nirvana Moon. I am a tarot card reader, I will give you a honest and precise reading.

PIN 2199


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4.4 (48 reviews)

Life's pain and joy we each encounter often contains hardships to overcome in some form or other and yet in my opinion there are no mistakes - just lessons being learned, steering us closer towards

PIN 9485
4.3 (23 reviews)

I am a psychic tarot card reader, and clairvoyant and healer. I have been giving insightful and precise readings for many years, and specialise in love/relationships as well as many other things.

PIN 2168
4.2 (71 reviews)

I use my knowledge and experience of energy awareness and space clearing in my work.

PIN 2698
4.2 (16 reviews)

I have been reading the tarot cards for approximately 10 years. It was my reader who informed me that I could read the cards myself. He told me I had the ability to do so.

PIN 6550
4.1 (7 reviews)

Hello, I am Anna Maria. I come from a family who accepted psychic ability as a normal part of life.

PIN 9556
4.1 (28 reviews)

I am a third generation psychic who has been practicing for 36 years helping people from all walks of life

PIN 9887
3.9 (37 reviews)

Using tarot and angel cards, psychic intuition and calling the power of spirit, I can help resolve and untangle love and relationship issues

Readers Skills

Get Tarot card readings day or night by landline or cell phone. Let the Tarot reveal the advice you seek about relationships and wealth.

Talk live to professional and experienced British clairvoyants by phone. Let our clairvoyants all seeing eye answer your questions.

Live psychic mediums are ready to talk to you by phone right now for all your questions.

What could be more important than love and relationships? Get your Love Tarot cards read day or night by phone right now from our large selection of gifted British readers.

Discover the wisdom and pure compassion of the advice in an Angel Card reading with one of our British readers 24/7.

Are you feeling lost? Do you need spiritual guidance? Kooma spiritual coaches can help guide you along your spiritual path.

Talk to professional and empathic British healers live by phone right now.

The ancient divination tool of the Vikings. Get Rune readings day or night by phone with one of our gifted British readers.

Listen to your daily horoscopes by phone from Kooma’s dedicated team of British astrologers for FREE.

We have the widest selection of British psychics to speak to you by phone, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A psychic reading can give you the spiritual insight you need about life, love, career or wealth. We have the UK's widest range of psychics.

A psychic reading can give you the spiritual insight you need about life, love, career or wealth. We have the UK's widest range of psychics.

Psychic readings by phone

When you call and speak to a Kooma British or Irish psychic reader, you can find answers to the mystical questions in your life. A professional psychic reader can see what psychic energies surround you or influence you by divination tools like Tarot cards and Runes.

Many of our phone psychics also have skills as mediums and clairvoyants. They often use a meditation or trance to channel psychic energy and uncover insights into your mystical journey.

Our psychic readers tell us that they have been developing their psychic skills from childhood. The all say that they feel gratitude and joy in being able to help others on their spiritual path.

With Kooma psychics, you get choice

The first and most important step in choosing a psychic reader is to find one that matches your spiritual needs. That's why Kooma gives so much information on each of our psychics. You get to understand what they are like, and use your own intuition to guide you in finding the right psychic reader.

With such a wide range of readers and so many psychics with multiple skills, you are sure to find a psychic that fits your spiritual goals.

There might be many companies that give psychic readings by phone, but there's only one that gives you so much choice of high-quality, professional British and Irish psychics.