Kooma Guarantee

We believe that we offer the best value readings with gifted British and Irish psychics that can be found anywhere. We want all of our customers to be satisfied every time. However, we recognize that, occasionally, things don’t quite go according to expectations. To give you confidence in using our Readers, we are pleased to offer a guarantee on any reading.

Remember, we vet our readers carefully. They don’t operate from a call center, work set hours, take a set number of calls or indeed follow a script. Every reader believes he or she has a genuine gift and is looking to share that gift with you. Not all readers have the same gifts or can make connections with customers as easy as each other, but we do believe passionately that they are the best available.

So you can have a reading safe in the knowledge that if the overall experience is not up to expectations, you are covered by the Kooma Guarantee.

So, if at any time you are not satisfied when connecting to a reader, please call our customer care team to discuss on 1.877.778.1166 (7am-11pm GMT daily).

There are exclusions and as ever there is small print, the full details of which can be found here. However the main exclusions are highlighted below

The small print highlighted for you in large print

Before contacting our dedicated customer care team please bear in mind the following:-

  1. 1. The value of the refund will be equal to the amount paid (or where it is appropriate in certain circumstances it will be part of the amount paid) in respect of the reading for which you are dissatisfied (note promotional credits or discounts will be only applied to your Kooma account and not refunded via your credit or debit card);
  2. 2. Your reading must have been less than 10 minutes in duration;
  3. 3. In order to apply for a credit, please call our customer care help desk at 1.877.778.1166 (7am-11pm GMT daily) within 24 hours of the reading;
  4. 4. You must provide valid details of why you were dissatisfied with your reading;
  5. 5. A refund will only be paid once for each reading with a Reader;
  6. 6. This policy is subject to fair usage and we reserve the right to decline a refund or make a partial refund if we believe the request is not fair, genuine or valid.
  7. 7. As part of our call quality checks we reserve the right to listen to calls.

That’s it. As simple as that. That is the Kooma Guarantee.